All Things Peachy

  •  You've got a mature backyard peach tree. Does your peach tree look like the pictured one below? Proper pruning is one of the keys to a long peach tree life and large, juicy peaches. Now is a good time to prune! Mature peach trees take about 20 to 30 minutes to prune properly.   Before I jump i... View Post
  • Many people can't stand this chilly Texas weather, but peach trees are loving it! This sounds crazy, because the fruit comes off in warm summertime temperatures, so let me explain.  Like many trees that lose leaves in the fall, peaches go into a period of dormancy in the winter. Peach trees need... View Post
  • 12 Days of Christmas

    Our 12 days of Christmas specials have been going on. Here's the list: Day 1 Take 10% off your entire order: cyber2014   Day 2 Take 15% off any salsa item purchased: salsa Day 3 Take 15% off our pecan products: nutsfor15 Day 4 Take $1 off/ jar of any juice-sweetened product : sweetone Day 5... View Post