Peach Updates

Fresh peaches are in!

Variety: June Gold & Southern Pearl (white-meated)

The thing with farming is you can never guess what the outcome will be until it comes close to time of harvest. With our first fresh peaches coming out we have determined the 2023 peach crop has about a 20-25% set.

Earlier this spring, when our trees set blossom, we had expected a much higher outlook due to the abundance of blooms. Generally speaking, a blossom will turn into a peach. What we found, was after the blossoms fell off only a fraction of the baby peaches actually continued growing and maturing.

Why? This is due to the trees being stressed for a couple of reasons. The 2022 drought was very hard on the orchard, with it being the worst drought our family has experienced in about 50 years of raising peaches. This winter was mild and very sporadic. Our trees need cold weather during their dormant season to help them produce peaches.

Traveling for peaches:

The Hill Country fruit growers all have a much better early crop than late crop. This means you’ll want to come the first part of the season for your peaches & not to wait for freestones as there will not be many. (May & June) A few of our freestone varieties such as Harvester, Red Globe, & Flame Prince have a decent set. As always, we recommend calling before you come.

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  • Stopped here for the first time today to buy some peaches. Not only was it a clean & friendly enviroment, but they had very interesting items & amazing local produce!! My girlfriend & I shared a double scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with peaches (one of the best things I have ever eaten!!) I will be stopping here again...
    - Rikki G.
  • Burg's Corner has been an annual outing for our family for years... never have we been disapointed with one single peach purchased!
    - Lynda Mills
  • It's an amazing place to go for peaches. The staff are awesome and super friendly. The selections are great & you can't beat the peach ice cream with the fresh peaches on top.
    - Nancy S. Henson