2022 Crop Update

As we move into March, our trees begin to move out of their dormant stage. During the months of December, January, & February peach trees need a certain amount of "chill hours" of 45 degrees or below to set fruit. Each variety differs on chill hour requirements and is the reason we are able to grow peaches from May to September.

Once peaches move out of their dormant stage the peach buds will begin to show activity. This is the case for our early varieties up to our Harvester (freestone) variety. With some of the buds showing activity, it would be in our crop's best interest for the freezing temps this spring to stay away. Gillespie county ended with under 900 hours of chill, which should be sufficient enough to set a good crop for our 2022 summer. Other factors that could negatively affect our crop would be spring hailstorms. Farming is very much so like gambling and is why it is so hard to answer the question "What will this year's peach crop look like?" 

Fortunately, we are remaining optimistic about this season's crop and expect bountiful fruit through summer in the Hill Country. As we move forward, we pray for rain to come and for the cold weather and hail to stay away. We look forward to providing everyone with our famously sweet juicy peaches to enjoy during this summer!

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