All Things Peachy

  • We are in full swing with the Harvester peach variety! There will be plenty of peaches for sale all summer. Whether you're wanting half bushels that are $50.00 a box, or just a basket of seven peaches, we've got them. Our white-fleshed variety, Southern Pearl, will be available through this weeke... View Post
  • Winter Blues Lead to Springtime Hues

    It's been a long, cold winter and while it's hard on us humans, the peach trees loved it. Last year was a very warm winter and that's not only bad for fruit production, but it's also hard on the trees themselves.  The dormant fruit buds need between 800 - 900 hours of cold weather under 45 degre... View Post
  • A Peachy Outlook

     With the unusually cold weather, many people are wondering what's happening to the peach crop this year. Jim Kamas, our local expert with Texas Agrilife Extension, has recorded weather data for the past 9 years. He revealed at the Hill Country Fruit Grower's meeting this past Tuesday that we've... View Post