2024 Peach Crop

We are days away from harvesting those sweet and sought after Hill Country peaches. You can expect to see some of our early varieties starting the first two weekends of May, with more continuing throughout the summer. 
Mother nature can be beautiful but also brutal. April 1st our family farm, Duecker Orchard, was hit with a heavy hailstorm. Despite some loss and marked peaches, we still are expecting a 30% - 50% crop set. With this size of crop, you can expect to find peaches in our store front May - early September. Large quantity peaches, such as half bushels, will unfortunately not be extremely prevalent this summer and we suggest you call before making a long-distance trip for large quantities of peaches. We will not be shipping fresh peaches either, as we prioritize supplying the demand in our store front. 
Some excitement we do have moving forward this season, is turning some of our hail damaged peaches into the first ever, truly authentic peach wine made 100% of peaches sourced from our family farm. Two peach wines will be available, a sweet & a dry. More information on their release date is to come. 
Despite the bittersweet news, we still look forward to welcoming you to our store front and offering our everything peach to you and your family!
 - The Duecker Family

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