Winter Weather

Winter Weather

With this unusual roller-coaster weather we have had this winter, has left many wondering what it means for the 2020 Hill Country peach crop.

Ultimately we never know what each crop brings. In farming there is no guarantee answer to a crop's production and is something we leave in our good Lord's hands. With that being said, we can speculate what each harvest might bring.

One of the biggest factors in producing a fruit crop starts with cold weather. Our peach trees require a certain amount of "chill hours" before the tree begins to set buds that will later turn into sweet juicy peaches. Our definition of chill hours, is anything below 45 degree fahrenheit. As of February 14th, Gillespie County has had 856 chill hours. This is a pretty good number and covers a good majority of our different varieties' chill hour requirements, however another 400 more chill hours would be optimal for our entire crop.

The rains have been helpful to the health of the trees and has also made planting of our new trees optimal. Ideally we would like to see the recent weather patterns, of cool nights and a combination of rainy and sunny days, to continue on. As for right now, we have an optimistic out look for our 2020 peach crop and look forward to providing y'all with those incomparable Texas Hill Country peaches!

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