All Things Peachy

  • A Peachy Outlook

     With the unusually cold weather, many people are wondering what's happening to the peach crop this year. Jim Kamas, our local expert with Texas Agrilife Extension, has recorded weather data for the past 9 years. He revealed at the Hill Country Fruit Grower's meeting this past Tuesday that we've... View Post
  • Last week I discussed pruning your peach tree. Many people enjoy having their own backyard fruit tree. Not a fruit grower, but want to be?  When is the time to plant a tree? The time is NOW and I will tell you how! Here's my how-to on planting a fruit tree: 1. Decide on the peach variety that... View Post
  •  You've got a mature backyard peach tree. Does your peach tree look like the pictured one below? Proper pruning is one of the keys to a long peach tree life and large, juicy peaches. Now is a good time to prune! Mature peach trees take about 20 to 30 minutes to prune properly.   Before I jump i... View Post