Winter Blues Lead to Springtime Hues

It's been a long, cold winter and while it's hard on us humans, the peach trees loved it. 

Last year was a very warm winter and that's not only bad for fruit production, but it's also hard on the trees themselves. 

The dormant fruit buds need between 800 - 900 hours of cold weather under 45 degrees to grow, flower and develop properly. To date we've had over 950 chill hours.

As long as we avoid late frosts in March and early April, we should be looking at a fantastic crop in 2018!

Planting New Trees

This week we planted some new peach trees.
We use and recommend reputable nurseries like Vaughn Nursery out of McMinnville, TN.
The quality of trees at your chain store varies, and the above nursery will ship trees right to your door!

Here's a link to Vaughn's 


Our low-chill peach varieties already have some buds swelling and blossoms busting out. We hope to see a full bloom in mid-March! 

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