Many people can't stand this chilly Texas weather, but peach trees are loving it! This sounds crazy, because the fruit comes off in warm summertime temperatures, so let me explain. 

Like many trees that lose leaves in the fall, peaches go into a period of dormancy in the winter. Peach trees need this period of rest so the buds that were set the previous summer can blossom. No blossoms, means no fruit! To break out of the dormancy, the trees need an accumulation of hours of weather between 32 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

The many varieties of peaches vary tremendously in cold acumulation requirements. The peach varieties we grow and sell at Burg's Corner are matched to meet the Texas Hill Country weather. The varieties vary from needing 600 to 900 hours of cold weather.

January is the most important month for our orchards to get the chilly weather. At this very early stage, the trees are on track to a good crop!


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