Proper Handling & Storage


Peach firmness is a common determinant of whether the fruit is ready to eat or not.  However, bruised peaches are not enjoyable for the person eating the fruit. Prevent bruising your own or someone else’s by testing ripeness with your whole palm rather than squeezing with the tips of your fingers.


We get many questions on how to care for your Texas peaches during travel and once you get them home.  Below are some tips on how to store your peaches for quicker ripening or longevity.


If you’re making a day trip to Fredericksburg or making a long distance trek, keeping the peaches in a cool, dark place like an ice chest will slow the ripening process. Do not allow your newly purchased fruit to come into direct contact with ice. 

At Home 

Put the fresh peaches in the fridge if you wish to keep them longer. They will last for about two weeks. Peaches can be left out on the counter or, for quicker ripening, in a brown paper bag.

Time To Eat 

For maximum flavor, allow your Stonewall peaches to reach room temperature before eating. If slicing the peaches, add a few dashes of lemon juice or coat with Fruit Fresh to prevent excessive browning. Enjoy!