• Black Bean & Corn Salsa

Black Bean & Corn Salsa

 Not normally found in salsa, this black bean and corn salsa will delightfully surprise your taste buds. The salsa has milder Jalapeño chili peppers and cilantro herb for flavoring, great for mild taste buds.

Fredericksburg Farm's Black Bean and Corn Salsa is great as a dip with cream cheese on corn chips, on omelets or on meat or fish. 




1 lb. peeled & deveined small shrimp.

1 jar Fredericksburg Farms Rio Grande Black Bean & Corn Salsa

8 flour tortillas

Shredded Monterey Jack cheese


Optional garnish: jalapenos - fresh, pickled, or grilled


Combin the shrimp (cooked) & Black Bean Salsa in a medium sized and toss to blend well. scatter some of the cheese on half or each tortilla. Place a portion of the shrimp mixture over the cheese. Scatter more of the shredded cheese over the shrimp and fold the other half of the tortillas over the shripm mixture, pressing down with your hands.Heat butter in a heavy-bottomed 12-inch skillet over medium heat. Add the quesidillas at a time, cooking just to melt the cheese &b lightly toast the tortillas, adding additionl butter to the skillet as needed. Ready to sereb


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